Series: Self Help Journey

Throughout my childhood I have done many sports, football, rugby, judo, Taekwando, Swimming. Out of all these sports, I stuck with swimming. I began swimming at a very young age, and in a club at 14 or so. However I stopped before my Leaving Certificate, at around 17 years old. I didn’t like Swimming, the 5 hours a week, with 2 of the hours not even swimming, but simply exercising on land. It was rather painful, but I am happy I went through it. Waking up at 7 am on weekends and eating a hearty breakfast is a good start to the day. Coming home from an early exercise felt like a whole day has yet to happen, and that was truly the case. Swimming helped my sleep schedule, health, and mental mind.

Now What?

So… What’s my next plan on getting physically in shape. I have 2. Last week I went to the gym in Trinity. I haven’t ever been to this gym before so it was new experience. I went to the gym during summer when I was young, but haven’t been in one since forever, a friend who was been going for over a year, showed me the ropes. So I plan to go gym with him, and also do one other sport which I’ve gotten a lot of interest recently.


Bouldering is something that has intrigued me since first year of University. I much prefer it to climbing (with rope) as it gives me more time climbing and challenging myself and allowing myself to fall. I love putting in my all, and I find that rope climbing prevents me from using my full ability. Two days ago, I went bouldering with my good friend. I spent 3 hours at that session. By the end of it I was exhausted, feet were bruised and starving for food. Bouldering took a lot of out me, but it gave me a glimpse on what I can achieve. I plan on going bouldering once a week and documenting my progress in the upcoming future. Documenting progress is another way of keeping up with the habit.