Series: Self Help Journey

I’ve recently learned that journaling can be an important tool in keeping track of habits and avoiding procrastination. So far it has really helped me, I am constantly reminded of what I wrote in the previous pages.

My Journal

I keep a small journal of my day activities, it’s roughly the size of my hand, I attempt to fill in a page a day. In future I migh increase the page size for when I decide to be more expressive. A lot of the things I write at the moment are very cut and dry and may be lost if I read back. I find the point of journaling though is not to read back, it’s just a good reminder since writing things down helps you remember more so all I care is that I get the point across, and have it at the back of my mind. Below is the journal I use. (I won’t share my deep and darkest secrets however). Notebook

What I write

I mainly write about my current habits, and a brief explanation of my day and how I felt. I keep a small list of the current habits I’m working on. I see it as, once habits are formed I won’t need to put them onto my journal I’ll just do them, just like how I just brush my teeth everyday.

Is Journaling really useful?

Yes, According to research, it can releave stress by simply writing things down. It also can potetentially increase the grade in school. If you’re at any way skeptical, I encourage you to check out the source and try journaling out for yourself it is a really powerful tool when used correctly. Source (GCU Experience, 2022)