Series: Self Help Journey

Habits, are important in our daily life, and I have learned more about ways of implementing good long lasting habits.


I wouldn’t consider myself a reader. It’s not that I don’t like reading, it’s simply that I don’t have a habit, and so if I force myself to read I’ll find ways to distract myself and forget about reading entirely.

Why I chose to read books now?

Reading has gotten a lot harder. The internet has distracted me with movies/podcasts/TV-shows/videos. Reading feels outdated, however this outdated form of entertainment, is both educationally productive and relaxing in many ways. This habit started with a very spontaneous question for my friend. What I did was decide to read a book every 14 days and after that, swap books. (My friend however didn’t end up sticking with the plan, but I did not let that stop me from forming my good habit.)

Atomic Habits

A few weeks ago I have finished reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The book delves into the key aspects of Habit formation, how to avoid bad habits. A few important things I have learned from the book is the “2 minute rule”. Whenever I feel like not doing something, I will spend around 2 minutes on it, I eventually tell myself that I should continue. There are two benefits of this. It forces me to read every single day, no matter how much I don’t want to on a specific day. On many occasions I would tell myself, that I should continue reading, for at least a couple of more pages until I read a lot more than 2 minutes. The book explained some of the Habits I incorporated before reading the book. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t even drink fizzy drinks. I drink water, and natural smoothies and yogurts. I never have any unhealthy drinks in my sight, the cue’s for drinking are avoided when they aren’t nearby. Let me ask you a question, When was the last time you wanted to drink a fizzy drink? I can answer that for you, it was most likely when you saw the drink in front of you. So simply taking it away out of site can be the easiest way of stopping drinking it. I have been around people enough and have thought about the idea of drinking unhealthy drinks, and came to the conclusion that I do not want to partake in it. I have friends who are non drinkers such as myself, so it is actually very easy to keep my habit on going. I haven’t had a fizzy drink in like 6 years. I have lost count at this point. My key to this good habit, is preventation by simplifying the good things in life and making the bad things harder.

Can’t Hurt Me

As of March 4th 2023, I am reading “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins, an Ex Navy SEAL. It is an autobiography with self help inserted and describing David’s struggle growing up in an abusive household. The book goes into his struggle being an overweight, black person in a majorily racist neighbourhood. When growing up he faced struggles with finding the courage to do what he thought was right for himself, and do the things he wanted. Throughout the book he explains some of the life lessons he learned like “Looking at yourself in a mirror” and looking into your “Cookie Jar” for motivation. The book is overall interesting and I am looking forward to completing this book very soon.


I haven’t exercised much during the pandemic. University was closed for nearly 1 and a half years, and we all stayed at home. After things began opening up again. The habit was lost and I was out of shape with no urge to get in shape. I have incorporated an easy habit to exercising a little bit everyday by incorporating my 2 minute rule, as well as another rule. When waking up first thing in the morning, we lack the distractions in our mind. We are more at peace. This is the perfect time I find to do some of habits in the morning. I do pushups, roughly 40-50 of them first thing after I wake up. Not only does it keep me in slightly better shape, but it wakes me right up even more and gives me a rush first thing in the morning.